Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let's get mad as hell about standards

This blog has been contributed by someone who responded to one of blogs from last year. It was too good not to share. How schools face up to standards is a pivotal issue. Creativity and imagination are at stake. My blog was based on a review of a book called 'Wounded By School' by Kirsten Olsen. I now have the book and will share it later - it is excellent. Dysfunctional schools are part of the failure problem!

They say no real change comes without a crisis, Perhaps the issue of "national Standards"(On blue paper no less !)will provide the impetus for Teachers to stand up and Fight against what is Universally a crime against the sovereignty of human consciousness.(Schooling)

This unsustainable practice was always going to come to a head and it appears that "Folly" has provided us with the perfect Tipping point.

For such a long time i've Danced about the fringes of what passes for Education in this world, plying my creative craft, despite the glazed ignorance of some of my peers.

I have come through my Teaching frustrations all the stronger and now realize why I was born into this teaching world. We are here to witness the beginning of the collapse of the Matrix....

So I say- bring on the National standards ! And let our Teaching Brothers and sisters cry out...The Emperor has no clothes !

I suggest teachers research the political and economic ideology behind the concept of national standards-Forget Tolly, go for the KEY Target...Educate your peers and parent community, Subvert the criminal Process and light the way toward a new path !

If we don't fight this....,it is the end of sovereign consciousness.

Sorry bout the rant, I have boiled over !

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